Come join the fun on New Year’s Eve!


The 2015 Operation Red Nose campaign is almost over, and we are immensely grateful to the many volunteers who have given so much of their time over the four weekends leading up to Christmas to help get people and their cars “Home Safe Home”.

We’re now just days away from New Year’s Eve, our final night of operations and we expect a record-breaking number of rides. “We’ve had an excellent turnout of volunteers this year,” said Chris Wilson, provincial spokesperson for Operation Red Nose, BC. “But traditionally we see a much higher need for rides on New Year’s Even and therefore could use many more teams of volunteers specifically for this night.”

After an evening at Operation Red Nose, volunteers will have lots of stories to tell! Whether it’s to celebrate the holiday season in a different way, or to meet new people, you’ll enjoy the unique experience and will end your evening with a true feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you did something tangible to help improve road safety in your community.

Application forms can be downloaded here. To meet the cut-off date for New Year’s Eve and have time for local criminal record checks, applications must be submitted by December 30th the latest.

We look forward to making some new friends!



Season’s Greetings


Season’s Greetings, everyone! We hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. While many of us have had the luxury of some time off, we’d like to thank those of you who serve the public and had to report to work instead. You are greatly appreciated!

So too, are all our wonderful volunteers, for the many hours they have dedicated to Operation Red Nose. Our 2014 campaign is almost over, and in view of the year-over-year increase in rides so far, a record-breaking night is expected on December 31st.

“Ask any of our volunteers and they’ll tell you that not only is the experience fun, you also feel good knowing that you’ve helped keep our roads safe,” said Chris Wilson, our coordinator. “And through the donations received you’ve helped get kids into sports. Plus it looks great on your résumé!” he added.ORN-Volunteers-A

If you know anyone who’d be a great asset to our volunteer pool, please point them in the direction of our website and have them download and submit an application form as soon as possible. To meet the cut-off date for New Year’s Eve applications must be received by December 29th.