November 30, December 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 & 31.

If you need a safe ride home for you and your car, call us at 778-866-6673. Our hours of operation are 9:00pm – 3:00am.

New Year’s Eve is the busiest night of our campaign. While we are not able to take reservations, if you call two hours before you need to be picked up, we should be able to get to you within that time. It’s recommended that you have a back-up plan too, in case we’re not able to meet all of the demand.

Because the service is not offered in Surrey, Langley or the city of Vancouver, on New Year’s Eve we will not be able to take people more than 5-10 minutes into those areas. Please Google ‘designated driving services Vancouver’ for a list of other options.

Our service is ‘by donation’ and is delivered by volunteers who are raising money for KidSport. All proceeds go to this charity and we truly appreciate your generosity!

Volunteers: Application forms can be downloaded from our website here.

As it takes a while for criminal record checks to be processed please download your form as soon as possible.

We also have a new training video for volunteers. You’ll find it here.

We look forward to welcoming past and new volunteers. Don’t forget to spread the word!

Want to know more about Operation Red Nose? Click here.



7 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think this page should include all dates, times and places like the Port Moody Ribfest…

    JULY 21 – 23, 2017
    Friday – 7:30PM to 9:30PM
    Saturday – 7:30PM to 9:30PM
    Sunday – 7:00PM to 9:30PM


    • Hi Matt. Unfortunately, because Surrey does’t have the program running this year, Cloverdale is too far for us to go. If the Surrey chapter was operating, we would have met them half way and they would have taken you the rest of the way. We just don’t have enough volunteers to take people that far.


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